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Comment: And the irony is - it was not until they lifted the BS

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And the irony is - it was not until they lifted the BS

directive was the fugitive found - by a private citizen.

So for all the show of force, all the door to door molestation, for all the hardware and the gear, for all assault rifles. In the end it came down to one private citizen, checking on his personal property who's untrained, non- tactical eyes noticed his boat tarp wasn't tied down.

Unfortunately the masses have been taught fear and have had their balls taken away. If we had any honest analysis left - we would easily see that large lock downs and a huge show of force failed. The police failed, the alphabet soup failed, the Isreali agents failed. One man, knowing and understanding his personal, private property ultimately won. But that lesson will not be taught today.

But hey - props to Boston - at least they didnt just start shooting everything that moved like those LA cops.