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Comment: It is a tangled web, to be sure.

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It is a tangled web, to be sure.

I am really to the point where I don't care about the details, I feel like we have the "critical mass" that sees these for what they are in real time now, and it is time to start PREVENTING them.
They plan the drills. We have to start preparing for drills as if they will "go live."
Have you seen the thing about the April 28 nuke in LA? Someone set up a Facebook memorial page yesterday. It is down now, and the guy who got the screenshot is not the most reliable source. I don't know him, but I've watched him and I think he has a few screws loose. Someone says he loaded the page himself, I do not know how to verify that but... even if this guy is a total idiot, the concept is correct: If we see something, youtube something. :)

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