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Comment: Preposterous to be sure, but some context

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Preposterous to be sure, but some context

I thought it too to be ridiculous that a 19 year old with a kitchen appliance could shut down the city. But also consider:

- TPTB never really made it clear if the shut down was for citizen safety or a tactic to help the search (the former was unnecessary, and the later failed)

- Had the govt and media simply said "We've got a suspect. We're looking. Everyone go on with their day. Now here's Bob with the weather." Everybody would've gone about their day.

- While perhaps the 19 year old was fearsome, there was 1,000 cops with rifles looking for somebody to shoot. Not a bad reason to stay inside.

- However it played out, it was a stunning display of power. Both by the police and for any would-be terrorists. If this is any demonstration, a dozen such incidents could paralyze the nation, all at the expense of $500 worth of cookery from Sears.

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