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Comment: You are WRONG.

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You are WRONG.

Cops are NOT allowed to shoot unarmed criminals. I understand that sometimes they do it anyway, and that's because many of our police are already blood thirsty, trigger happy, and out of control. Please understand, it is not standard procedure for cops to shoot a suspect who is running away in the back, even if he is armed. Haven't you ever watched Cops, or even a movie? Suspects that aren't engaging the police, or threatening civilians are CHASED. You chase them, and only fire on them when you are met with force. If what you were saying was true, then there would be no charge such as "resisting arrest", they'd just shoot the person in the head and call the morgue.

Sorry, I trust lots of cops... but I don't trust ALL of them. And I definitely don't trust them all enough to let them remotely fly a killing machine into my neighborhood.