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Comment: The cost of doing business

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The cost of doing business

with the bureaucratic nightmare is the problem. I would be required to bottle off the of premises, my home is zoned residential and any type of commercial activity is strictly prohibited, and that would necessitate the purchase of a tank truck. I once had a hot dog cart which required the State Department of Agriculture to come to my home to inspect my water supply. This bozo demanded I dig up the well in order for him to ascertain it's source. I politely told him to fXXX off, that I wouldn't endanger the well and that I would get a certification from another source. You can have the water tested all you like, if they think you are not in the "norm" they will screw with you. There are about six neighbors on this same spring, back in the 50's the lake I live at was a resort area and all their homes were vacation places. This pressure from this spring supplied water to their kitchen sinks without a pump. We are surrounded by mountains and I suppose the water draining down feeds the spring. I value this water supply more than anything in the world. As far as reliability of it, I have an over flow pipe which comes through my basement wall about eight inches above the floor. Since 1994 it has never stopped running. It actually drove me crazy when I first moved in, the sound of trickling water was incessant. It took me about a year to find the pipe and realize what was going on.

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