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Comment: Fema type trucks

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Fema type trucks

filmed in Waco a day before the explosion:

Operation Black Rain

Black Rain is a nuclear disaster drill being staged April 18-19 involving a scenario of a ‘radiological catastrophe’ at Comanche Park Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas, about 60 miles north of West. The drill is being staged by the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force. The drill imagines:

The North Central Texas region is impacted by a radiological catastrophe at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. The blast and residual fallout results in many injuries and fatalities within the immediate hazard area and the densely populated DFW Metroplex area is affected by blackouts and rolling brownouts due to loss of power generation. Blast and fallout damage results in a critical taxing of the medical community and generates a potential need for medical evacuation and vast number of worried well within the metropolitan population.