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Wait a minute...

Who says that police drones are going to be different than military drones? Rand clearly said he doesn't care who shoots the robber, an officer, or a drone. If the drone is capable of shooting a robbery suspect who stole $50 dollars, then it is MILITARIZED. Who says we have to deal with this technology? Just because a new technology is introduced, that doesn't mean it's use on innocent civilians is automatically constitutional. Let's face reality, drones ARE going to be weaponized, the government is going to start using them to attack "criminals", they are going to be misused, there will be innocent victims, and we can expect a future not much different from what folks in Pakistan are dealing with. They're going to cram this down our throats just like they're forced Obamacare on us, just like they're forcing gun control on us. I'm glad you don't see any problem with this, I hope you don't become collateral damage.