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Comment: Seekers of knowledge and truth

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Seekers of knowledge and truth

Are we not seekers of knowledge and truth? And to that end, should we not always approach subjects with an un-biased angle?

There are too many people who post Bitcoin articles with a noticeably positive or negative slant. Where's the option to make up our own minds?

Yes, Dr. Paul did say, "I don't think it fits the definition of money" but he also said, "I don't understand it."

Why couldn't the title of this post be, "Ron Paul weighs in on Bitcoin" or something similar?

When you lead a subject topic with your biased opinion, you are no better than the MSM, who seeks to plant their angle/agenda into the minds of their readers/watchers. To prematurely close the debate.

Talk about intellectual dishonesty!

If your mind is made up about Bitcoin, fine. You will have no problem engaging in a ligitmate debate with other undecided (or decided) DPers... WITHOUT the cheap tricks.