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Comment: Aiding and Abetting

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Aiding and Abetting

Lending moral and material support to the enemies of Liberty both foreign and domestic, is exactly what it is, even if those who do it choose to believe in the lies that cover it up.

As simple as can be said, competitively, so that even a child of 5 can understand:

A few people BORROW money from many people and then those few people claim that they have the legal power to LEND the money they just BORROWED, but that is not all, since those same few people then SPEND the stolen POWER, creating National Debt, and then the Lenders of Last Resort are convinced of their need to pay off that National Debt complete with National Interest compounded daily.

Now a child may have a hard time with that sentence in English.

Look in the mirror to find a child?

The combination of Conspiracy with Theory is a product invented by someone having an intent to employ that product to reach a goal.

Stupefy the targeted victims, and the targeted victims will remain victims.

An innocent child can see how lies work, as the liar on the playground demands a transfer of something held dearly in the hands of the innocent child, as the liar claims to own the thing held dearly in the hands of the innocent child.

Matter of fact.

The innocent child holds something dearly, and the liar arrives on the scene claiming to own the thing held dearly by the innocent child.

The innocent child knows it is wrong in fact.

"Give it to me, it is mine." The liar dictates the lie to the innocent child.

And these so called adults look in the mirror and find very well paid liars.

Good luck with that, as you continue to find whatever lies work to keep the power flowing from those who are innocent, those who actually produce anything worth stealing, to those who invent, produce, and maintain the lies, those same people who collect that National Debt.

And while you are at it, know that your gravy train ends, and it is your turn eventually, to return to that state of accurate perception, like the child on the playground, faced with the certain knowledge that it is evil to give the bully any more power, as that bully will certainly destroy all, innocence, anything of value, eventually, on that Long Black Train.