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Comment: Thank you for this. I had

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Thank you for this. I had

Thank you for this. I had been wanting to see additional videos that caught the flames on the left better since I saw the first one.

I had considered the possibility of a missile since then. But the additional footage clearly shows that something is projected into it.

While I am about 95% confident it is a missile an alternative to look into from the argument against the missile is a sympathy detonation. If there was any large detonation near the plant, and assuming the fertilizer is sensitive enough, the shock wave could detonate the the plant causing the main explosion we see. This would explain a flame in the left hand corner an instant before the explosion.
The sound could possibly be explained by some type of gas leak being ignited. It a similar enough sound that a large gas leak explosion could be confused with the missile sound we hear.

If a sympathy detonation was not feasible then I see no other reason besides a missile to cause what we see in the videos. One way to do this is check if there are any large storage tanks of volatile material to the left of the plant, using the cameras frame of reference. I have not been able to determine this direction, but if anyone knows the wind direction that day we could use that. There was a video somewhere of the mayor (or some government official) that mentioned the wind direction.