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It matters tremendously

I refused to join the GOP in 07 to help Ron Paul win. I LOVED Ron Paul, worked very hard delivering signs, meet-up, making banners, waving signs.. but I would NO WAY join the GOP. I really hoped RP would see the light and go Indy or LP. So I understand why people want NOTHING to do with the GOP. I felt exactly the same way.

When RP made his second GOP presidential bid, I joined the GOP KNOWING, there was NO WAY RP was going to go Indy or LP. It actually made me sick to sign the registration and check the Republican box. And I can admit I was afraid, with visions of Bush and Karl Rove, agbout going to my girst GOP meeting.. where I found, I was wrong.. the whole GOP MSM thing was a huge LIE.

So, I understand how surreal it is to be a republican and fighting for liberty within the party and from those who were like me, and want nothing to do with the GOP.

Ron Paul took a learning curve. I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when I came into the Ron Paul rEVOLution. Rand Paul also takes a learning curve, and calling it 3D chess is neglecting the matrix for what it is. Many on DP are not republicans and won't be.

That's why it matters tremendously