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Comment: I respectfully disagree.

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I respectfully disagree.

These little events are very important. Every single one of them results in another authoritarian degrading rule forced upon us all. I am certain that we will ALL have to have our bags searched for any event now. The purchase of fireworks, fertilizer, and pressure cookers will most likely be monitored or banned now. If we have one of these incidences each year we will be living under an unimaginable control state before long.

We absolutely know that the FBI/CIA has been behind a large majority of the so-called terroristic incidents in the US and abroad. Who is responsible for investigating them? We absolutely know the media is somehow completely connected to them. WE have to do the due diligence. Nobody else will.

And there will be bad leads. There will be stupid tangents. We may be mocked by others. But the truth must be exposed. There are no dumb people here. We will eventually figure out what really happened.