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Comment: It is in fact a better question than it seems on it's face...

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It is in fact a better question than it seems on it's face...

It's the reason I no longer see property rights as an end-all/be-all of freedom.

The property rights meme goes like this, "Follow the owner's rules, or go to your own property." Regardless of how absurd those rules. This seems fair, at first.

But let's look at some of the ramifications of that very simple statement. I work in a job, where they monitor my every communication, IM, Voice, eMail, etc. My boss and other ranking employees can read/listen to all of my communications. It's literally like having your manager hiding behind your cube wall at all times. Horribly offensive behavior and very obviously so if you subtract the electronic mechanisms for achieving it.

Property rights purists state, if you don't like it, leave. But the real question, is where do your rights as an individual end, and that of a property owner begin.

Because you do own yourself and the product of your own work. And this is a very important fact, frequently forgotten during the property rights discussions.

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