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Comment: conspiracy snobs

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conspiracy snobs

Vinceableworld (if that is really your name) I agree with you, is that shocking? Seriously, I applaud you for standing up and getting your ass kicked by everyone. I know it isn't much fun and you probably prefer to be doing something else.

First allow me to preface with- "I don't agree with much of the conspiracy talk on this site, I never have" Actually during Ron Paul's bid for the nomination I selfishly wished most of it would go away so I didn't have to endure the "tin foil hat wearing Paulbot" comments every time I demonstrated support for Ron Paul. If there was ever a time to censor conspiracy talk I might have understood that rational. Fortunately that did not happen then, unfortunately it is happening now.

What you are saying is spot on, many people here are essentially being shut down, or shutting themselves down because they are afraid of being attacked or worse banned. While I agree people should exercise a certain amount of sense when engaging in fantastical theory, I don't think members should be attacked for asking questions...or LOOKING FOR ANSWERS.

I think this site has proved that common sense does most times prevail. If an idea is too far out there it will die of attrition over time, organically.

We live in a crazy world where nothing is as it seems, suggesting that there are planes that crisscross our skies, dumping chemicals on us and blocking out the sun has for years been met with intentional ridicule. Most people refuse to even mention it for fear of being called a wacko it continues and we all suffer.

It's a crazy world. People are going to have crazy questions.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb