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Of course I do love Dr. Zhivago
And Anna Kernina and Pushkin but not so much with War and Peace. I say boo to War and Peace, but maybe someday I’ll finish it and change my mind.

Hey look what I found this weekend.

 tambourine tambourine.jpg

Ok, well I didn’t find this particular tambourine, (I haven’t seen my camera in ages so I can’t upload a picture of my tambourine), it was a weird weekend here in LA, but I did find live music and a tambourine and no, I have never played a tambourine but I imagine it can’t be that hard right? I feel like there might be money to be made in the world of tambourine musician super stardom, plus a tambourine travels well. I am going to call my Dad now and tell him I am going to be a traveling tambourine player and see how that goes. And I can’t decide what to play here so I will give you 2.

You know what, I have one more in my head now, then I think I will go type a letter and try not to type about typing because that would be redundant and probably a bit boring for the recipient of the letter. And sleep, I definitely need to sleep.