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Comment: Conspiracy Theorist is often an unwarranted pejorative.

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Conspiracy Theorist is often an unwarranted pejorative.

I have observed the same unfortunate tendency in many areas around the web, and the "conspiracy theorist" meme is increasing in frequency. These individuals throwing the term around will frequently accompany it with a logical fallacy, such as citing a Janet Napolitano denial as a reliable source of information.

Let's take one aspect of the JFK assassination "conspiracy theory" as it is far-removed from the present example. The hole in the windshield was observed by several independent eye-witnesses on record (motorcycle patrolman, reporter, medical student, etc.). The windshield was replaced after the assassination, as confirmed by Ford official George Whitaker (who also indicated that the hole was from front to back). Douglas Weldon has done extensive scholarly research confirming the hole, including photographic evidence. The hole was of course not acknowledged by the Warren Commission, as its' presence and position disproves the lone gunmen theory and indicates shots coming from the front. We have to either believe that the government lied in the Warren Commission, or that all of these eyewitnesses and scholars doing independent research for decades are lying. Which is more likely?

The "conspiracy theorist" label is being thrown around freely lately. If you look behind it, you will usually find someone who thinks that official government reports are always true. So then who is the one who believes in fairy tales?