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the dishonest revisionist propaganda definition of "statism".

The HONEST and REAL formal definition of "statism" is:

"Statism is a political ideology where the central state, rather than the people, are the ultimate source of authority and power.[1] Statism tends towards increased central planning in the economic sphere and a curtailing of civil liberties, which may be deemed necessary by those in power to achieve social or militaristic goals." -

"Minarchism" deemphasizes the central state and central economic planning. or any economic planning at all, and is therefore not statism. Mises himself was a minarchist and used the word "statism" to describe the "total state".

Not even Rothbard used the dishonest pejorative twisting of "statism" that you and so many other revisionist ancaps use to slander minarchists such as Mises, Nozick, Menger, Hayek, Ron Paul and on and on.

I bet you also believe (or knowingly spread) the disinfo that ancaps invented and numerically dominate libertarianism when in fact ancaps are about 10% of those calling themselves libertarian and are relative latecomers.

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