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Comment: Perhaps a list of DP approved acceptable conspiracies

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Perhaps a list of DP approved acceptable conspiracies

Cause clearly this community is steeped in a rich tradition of conspiracy debate and debunking. Even the most critical members deriding this post are actively promoting or engaging in conspiracy in other threads. Almost all members of the DP have some sort of alternative theory about current or political events.

Obviously the real question here is NOT what thoughts or questions are acceptable. Rather does stifling the ability to broach complicated and confusing issues with ridicule and opprobrium help us get closer to the truth or push us further away ?

I think the answer ULTIMATELY is the latter.

Why not create a post that deals only with this issue of the bombing victims being actors. Allow everyone with evidence for or against said theory to present it there and only there and see what happens. As long as everyone is polite and respectful the theory should be debunked with logic and reason zip zap. Then this all goes away and the culture of free thinking at the DP is preserved, no ?

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb