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Comment: it got downvoted because I'm PatriotsUnderGod, the bible-thumper

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it got downvoted because I'm PatriotsUnderGod, the bible-thumper

...keeping our founders understanding, knowledge, and humility towards the Word of God, deity of Christ, hatred of sin, and yearnings that MORALITY be taught to deter crime and corruption (right along side instruction of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the abuses that led to our revolution...

I'm the KENT HOVIND over ALEX JONES guy, every day, all day....and quite frankly, the trolls and the godless can't stand the FACT that self-education steered this way has a much better chance of achieving liberty, than does all the foul-mouthed ridicule and hatred for government!

The Daily Paul is embroiled in its most fiercest battle yet for cultural relevance, as it relates to whether or not it should be considered a credible source for SOLUTIONS to what politically ails us!!!

Only a truly patriotic people, with God's help, can throw off this tyranny...void of reason, because they're hostile to the Christian worldview of our great framers; we FAIL, quickly and painfully...the God-haters within are being attacked God-haters from without, and God allows rebellious nations who blaspheme His name, and give other nations cause to blaspheme His name to be HUMBLED.

Rand Paul ate dinner with his father Ron Paul and his mother his whole life; he has been morally equipped, and astutely politically instructed by the inspiration of this movement. He is contemporary, he is relevant, he has feet of clay...and the absolutists who wanna 2nd guess him at every turn, instead of busting their butts to duplicate his efforts, or increase our liberty-minded presence in the Congress exponentially in 2014 should GO JUMP IN A LAKE!!!