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Did I need to?

Let's see.

The only source he has is two crazy old 3rd world women spouting off anything to make their evil sons look good.

I'm sorry, but you don't understand non-Western cultures if you think these women are saying the truth... Nor do you understand women. They are reaching for anything!

In two sentences he bashed middle aged people, women, all other cultures, and everyone living in an underdeveloped nation. I guess that is about 3/4 of the World.

He basically claims he has some monopoly on the comprehension of women. And it appears that he thinks women are naturally 'crazy', dishonest, and willing to support murder if it is their offspring. It also appears that he believes that anyone that happened pop out of their mama's womb anywhere outside the so-called developed nations then they are basically heathens. You can read below that he actually does believe this about Muslims.

You and I could go around for days, Moneybags. We have been there before. I apologize to you if my comment offended you. And I apologize to OP too. Sorry OP!! My bad.