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What happens when one

What happens when one individual, corporation, or government doesn't own the entirety of the land fore-which the resources are under? What happen when only one person out of many land owners -which the resource is under- want to sell said resource, but the other land owners do not want to sell it?

Comparing the middle east and whatever their property rights are, with the conception of property rights most Americans were raised with is illegitimate. Do you even know who 'owns' the land above the oil fields?

It is a different story if one individual owns the entirety of the land above a resource, as opposed to owning only a fraction of the land.

If you and I were neighbours and you found gold beneath your property, and the gold vein travelled beneath my property as well, you do not have the right to take the gold out from beneath my property; so why should you be able to take oil, natural gas, or water which is also beneath my property?