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I don't object to the arguing, as I stated. But I do object to the manner in which it is conducted. Since the end of the election, Sandy Hook, and now Boston, we no longer agree to disagree. It's all my way or the highway, and that's how we come off to many new folks who want to explore here. Many of these people are not new to the internet or internet discussion boards, as you imply. They are looking for civil discourse, not back-biting and sniping. They come away not really knowing where we stand.

If you were fed up with the Republicans and the Democrats, the Neocons and the Progressives, and came to this site since after the election seeking knowledge on espousing a more libertarian viewpoint (small L), would you have learned anything? Many come away with the viewpoint that it's just another faction as screwed up as the others that can't (won't) agree on much of anything. We all say that the DP should be first and foremost about liberty, and then we go on to explain how the side issues (conspiracies as one example) are all related to liberty in one way or another. But the recent tone of our discussions does nothing to grow the movement or make converts welcome... it has the exact opposite affect.

A little more honey, a little less vinegar, son. That's some more good advice that this son got from his mom.

For the time being, I've been sending people to the Liberty Defined website.