Comment: "Really, Senator Paul,

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"Really, Senator Paul,

"Really, Senator Paul, "constitutional protections" were appropriately preserved during the search for the Boston Marathon Bomber?

•No vehicle Traffic allowed in or out
•Persons sequestered in homes
•Door to Door warrantless searches
•Columns of Heavily Armed soldier-like police
•tank-like vehicles rolling down the streets of America"

Look, I don't like Rand Paul, but they literally did those things for a day...and they ended up pulling out before they even found the suspect because they wanted people to get back to their lives.

I should also note that the "door to door" warrantless searches were done with consent,/b>; at least that is my understanding.

After September 11th, the US grounded all air traffic. Do you consider that a huge infringement on liberty, the government telling private airline companies that they couldn't do their business?

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