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He said "one of you will betray me"

Salvation is gained through the blood of the lamb (according to Christian doctrine) and Christ's purpose on earth was to die for our sins. The betrayal wasn't truly a betrayal because it was necessary in order for him to be turned over to the Romans so he could fulfill his mission on earth.

However I often think that he did explain this to the disciples, and did not commit a lie of omission. Instead it is likely that this was either lost in translation or omitted from the Bible intentionally so we could figure this fact out for ourselves? I don't recall which theologian first put this idea forward...

Aside from that my human nature rebels at the idea of turning the other cheek to my enemy so that's something I don't agree with even though I know I'm wrong, so I force myself to do it anyway in the spirit of satyagraha.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.