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I wish it were that simple... :)

I am well versed in tunneling, encryption, back doors, IP spoofing, etc.

The problem is that it is a "work" laptop, tightly controlled by the IT group for the company, all communication, im, voice, and even connected devices (even flash drives, CDs, etc) are monitored, tracked and the data uploaded 24/7 in almost real time.

Any attempt by me to circumvent it, would likely fail, and also be caught immediately and result in immediate termination.

The thing that annoys me most is that they are able to open up audio, video at will which is into my house. So I keep the camera covered, and the audio drivers disabled, except when needed. So far, that hasn't tripped any alarm bells with the IT group.

I have "tested" the management staff and so I am 100% confident that my communications are actually intercepted and read by them.

They are the counter argument to "private is better than government". I miss running my own company... :)

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