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I like this idea.

Civil disobedience, imo, is a great way to deter violence. Especially violence that is provoked by police (imo, there are lots of undercover agents in the crowd for a reason)

I've got another idea to run by you and I'm trying to run it by everyone that I talk to:

If we had 500,000 strong standing in front of the capitals, blocking access for Government staff to get to work, could they still ignore us? The police could not handle 500k, even with the National Guard.

500,000 strong in places like Olympia, WA; Sacramento, CA; Salem, OR; Boise, ID; Austin, TX; Pierre, SD (Dakota's don't get any love!); etc.

Think about this: how could they stop 500k people? They couldn't do it even with the National Guard...

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.