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Unless it's specified within

Unless it's specified within your company IT policy, I don't see how tunneling could be considering circumventing. You would be merely opening a private connection to your home PC for the purpose of secure collection of data.

"The thing that annoys me most is that they are able to open up audio, video at will which is into my house. So I keep the camera covered, and the audio drivers disabled, except when needed. So far, that hasn't tripped any alarm bells with the IT group."

I'm pretty sure you could sue for this if they were doing it. I know a school not too long ago issued laptops to students and then subsequently spied on them at their house. Needless to say, they lost that lawsuit.

And so at my job, I am an expert in all things keylogger. I've got more keyloggers here on my system that I can even count and I routinely research all sorts of keylogging applications. Do you know what software they are using to monitor your PC? I'll blacklist it through our international product if it meets our detection criteria.