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Market forces can't establish

Market forces can't establish a government. The purpose of government is to vitiate market forces, and protect capital from the market via violence and threat of violence.

The state expands via promises to violate the market and give someone that something someone else owns. Since this is destructive of wealth, some of the primary recipients of that redistribution are the propaganda class, which used to be the clergy, and now is academia and the media. The propaganda class must exist to tell people that freedom is slavery and poverty is caused by freedom and freedom is dangerous.

Violence is a human tendency, but it is not a market tendency, by definition. States may be inevitable, but markets pre-exist the state.

The state only occurs when markets create enough wealth to be worthy of expropriation. The state occurs essentially post agriculture. Once people had more food than they needed to survive, organized crime developed.

Perhaps unlikely in the current environment, but it's at least plausible that men could live without gang predation.