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Corporate policies do strictly forbid it...

And we are required to use MS Communicator for all communication, which they have set to require us to be connected to the VPN via Active Directory, so tunneling, if it didn't get me fired, wouldn't help with core communications.

That is interesting about the lawsuit on opening up audio/video. They did it to me once, I think almost by accident, I raised holy hell, and it hasn't happened since that I am aware of.

In terms, of what they are using, I have no clue. I know some of the monitoring is done through Citrix tech, and others by M$ tech, but they do a very good job of keeping the tools that they use hidden.

I understand their concerns about security to some degree. It's the spying that I have an issue with. I currently am working on banking/mortgage software, where security is at maximum for client protection.

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