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You speak of that which you know nothing

The over whelming majority of the citizenry of the colonies were much as you demonstrate yourself to be as the war for independence began. They were under the false illusion that you could take your issues to the representative of the Crown to seek redress. Unfortunately the Crowns interest superseded even the most egregious of injuries inflicted upon a person or his property particularly when the injury was received from an emissary of the Crown. This is exactly the type of system you have deluded yourself into promoting. You have clearly stated your loyalties to our Government and it's incessant attacks upon our Constitution as well as our liberties with your statement of your confidence in the current judicial system.
There is nothing wrong with picking your side, what will be an issue is if, after seeing your exalted power structure begin to fail, you attempt to switch sides. There will be no acceptance of rationalizations such as those you put forth in your support of Romney.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.