Comment: Cavato: Rand Paul did seem to draw the line that to the degree

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Cavato: Rand Paul did seem to draw the line that to the degree

that you could track down bad guys and we have that technology i think and have at it? What do you make of that Ron Paul? Ron Paul yeah when the courts approve that will be fine, but it was never meant that we would have this gigantic police force from the federal government. we had martial law up there, fbi and all these agents coming in and closing things down going into peoples houses, no technology is fine but it has to be guarded and if there is a question you guard liberty before you say well if we catch a bad guy that is good. You do not give up liberty for 9 people because you might find one person. So I would be very cautious about that. The federal goverment is not supposed to be our police force yet we have over 100 thousand federal officals who carry guns to enforce these laws and they own boston. It is criminal that people tolerated this so much that we tolerated this martial law and total acceptance that they can come into our houses that we can not even go out of the house. You know what if we wanted to go to the store and go buy a loaf of bread. No you cant do that. It was serious. It was a crisis. There was 3 people killed. We have 48 murders every single day. There is a lot of murders out there. Do we close down cities because there is 10 murders over the weekend in Chicago. We dont do that. Here we closed down a whole city, not even allowed to go to a baseball game:!