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grow a brain?

seriously? if he said what he did,then he did say it an armed drone taking out one who has not been tried in court,but i guess he/she got their just desserts the AMERICAN WAY of justice,just like them newspaper delivery women who got their truck shot up in cal?
yeah they had a truck sorta the same color as the dude they were searching for(theres your american justice system at work
and then tell me to have faith !! in what exactly? a politician?
another politician who stated armed drones,yeah i have faith
i have faith them drones will be used without a court order
all one needs is to declare eminent threat,and the const and the bill of rights is out the window (as if it does any good now)
people of all walks of life use words,some more effectively than others
words have meanings and they get used to mean and convey the intent of the one who spoke them
politicians use them and then twist there meanings into what they really mean
and as crooked as our court system is the drone use wouldn't matter if it was legal justified or even warranted
i can see robosigning judges and magistrates just rubber stamping their use,as they will not get charged if it went wrong
nothing happens to cops now who shoot innocent bystanders,except for paid leave
they are immune to the very laws they say they uphold
some of you need to look at the bigger picture,and also look at what has been done by the law enforcers
what happens when another shoots a cop,or their family?
here is a scenario that played out,they blamed another cop,he was guilty in their eyes of crimes he never went to court over,this rogue cop ended up getting burnt to a crisp,yeah there's that american form of justice at work in all its glory
guilty until proven guilty
i am glad you decided to answer instead of just down voting a question

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence