Comment: Alright... so...

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Alright... so...

Come on.

He said what he said was wrong.

It can be figured that his intent was rhetorical, illustrating the difference between imminent and not.

There is a real problem with having drones in the American skies, period.

A drone is a grenade for the tool of a flyswatter.

However, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, it's difficult to get in front of cameras and say that while a grenade would get the fly, our Constitution has promised to always use a glass jar first to figure out if the fly's a fly. When that fly is wildly swinging a machete, it's probably better to take out the swatter than to risk losing a hand, but it's just never going to be reasonable to use a grenade when these other options are available.

Rand was wrong, and he said so. Let's move on. It's unacceptable to keep getting upset that humans aren't perfect 100% of the time. That Rand is 95% perfect 90% of the time is damn good in my opinion, and the best we've got right now.