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It matters what.. so what is what?

Is there someone else in the GOP you would prefer than Rand? If you are part of the liberty movement within the GOP then Rand is the man to be standing with. Please name anyone else if you disagree.

Ron Paul gave us a message, to restore the republic, and that is what Rand is doing, and doing it with a GOP that we all know is corrupt. We are changing that GOP and that is very cool.

Rand's message is Ron's message, the difference being, Rand is GOP, and so if your're not GOP, then maybe you will find another republican like GJ, slap a LP sticker on him and campaign for GJ 16.

For those of us in the GOP, Rand is the man, and for some who are not in the GOP, but see and understand the efforts of us who are, Rand is also the man to stand with at this time. Maybe those who are not part of the GOP will change. maybe if Ben Carson, or Ben Swan runs for president.. that's where they will go.. and that's fine by me.