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Problems with that ...

(1) Rhode Island ANG accounts for only two members present.
(2) She says her people "were not at the crowded finish line ..."
(3) She says her guys and the guys from Mass NG were DENIED access to the area to do their job -- so who is the guy testing for radiation?
(4) None of this says what uniform her guys were wearing at the time. There is just an implication by the author when he says that her guys wear NAVY and khaki (not BLACK and khaki). In fact, there were also numerous guys there who were dressed in BDU's. NG/CST also wear BDU's sometimes. So, we still don't know for sure as those particular individuals are not identified.
(5) And most important to me, there is NO QUESTION that ONE of those guys was wearing a Craft hat. I was in the military and I would never think of wearing, say an LA Dodgers baseball cap with my uniform and if I did, nobody else would allow it. You can be sure that THESE guys pull this duty because they are GUNG HO military types and they would NEVER wear a uniform while also being "out of uniform" and the guys around them would never allow it. This says that at least that guy has a connection to Craft, and his associates have no problem with him wearing a Craft hat for some reason.

You provided evidence but NOT "CONFIRMED" proof. This info tells us there were CST guys there. We DO NOT know which ones they were and what ALL of those guys dressed like that were doing there that day.

*IF* it was a false flag, there would be people there who were "credentialed" to observe, if nothing else.

I do appreciate your research, though. You are doing a good job of poking holes in the points made by those who are poking holes in the "official" narrative. That is healthy.