Comment: How do we win? By realizing this is War... Which type of War?

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How do we win? By realizing this is War... Which type of War?

This is War on our minds... We already knew that.

This is War against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution... We already knew that as well.

This is War against the individual... Logically implied by the previous two.

This is War against humanity and reason... That is which isn't quite understood where that comes from yet.

Here is the root of Evil waging for that War:

Destroying what the word "Law" ought to mean... Betraying language... Law is NOT mankind, law is NOT plan, law is NOT management, law is NOT forced charity (an oxymoron) justifying always bigger government and planning...

Law is and should only remain... Justice :

Think about it.

Think hard about it.

That is HOW "they" have perverted the Law.

That is HOW "they" have made the concept malleable to pursue their agenda.

That is WHY "they" have made the Constitution a living, malleable document as well.

The Constitution, pre-14th Amendment : the last bastion which was standing before liberty and the people to protect both from Legal Plunder by Big Governments.

The United States of America : the last place on earth which was/is safeguarding liberty, peace, prosperity, thanks to the document making explicit the righteous Law : Equal Rights for the INDIVIDUAL.

And only the individual.

Dr. Ron Paul warned you against this reckless, unjust, and in fact evil agenda, America :

Federal Courts and the Imaginary Constitution

And here is the evidence this agenda is no longer hidden, no longer disguised, no longer inconspicuous, but is now being DISPLAYED, is now CONSPICUOUSLY ADVOCATED FOR, by the "Supermen" :

They think we can't tell where they want to go to.

They think we can't tell what they want to bring to the People.

TELL THEM, America :

They can think AGAIN.


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