Comment: How free are you...

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How free are you...

... if you have the most criminal country in the world?

SOMEONE benefits from such a large prison population. Either the country is more riddled with criminals than any other or there is a concentration of them in official positions through the whole spectrum of government.

How brave are you if you don't do anything about it? How brave are you if you take the biggest body of force that has ever existed and wield it against the poorest countries that exist for the sake of "protection"?(while knowing it is false). How brave are you if you do nothing about THAT?
"Nothing" here could be expanded to a relative "nothing" of "so little that it does not really count".

How smart are you if you are part of a movement that sees these things and you are so self-centred that you will not form a group under chosen leaders because you value your "individualism" so much that you are prepared to hang on to a shoddy, diluted semblance of it while, by default, embracing the status quo of criminality and cowardice that is foisted on you daily, weekly, monthly and year after predictable year?