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WE did. Humanity, I mean.

WE did. Humanity, I mean. The Bilderberger scum who determined in the summer of 2011 that WWIII should commence by the end of October 2011 at the latest had every intention that Libya should succumb to the Arab spring revolt by July and Assad's Syria should fall by the end of August. From October, a wholesale bombardment of Iran was to be the keystone among several battlefields stretching from the Atlantic to the Himilayas, a "reorganization of the world's poles" as it were.

Naturally, contrary to the Bilderberger scum's resolutions, Qaddafi refused to die without a fight, and threw off the timetable. And, as we see, Assads is still fighting and resurgent, while the al-Qaeda agents funded by the Bilderberger scum's main puppet Barack Hussein are losing more and more of their territory and fighting men.

But don't worry. WWIII is a popular concept among the elites. Perhaps THIS summer will finally see some thermonuclear extinctions of entire peoples. Who knows...!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"