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Thank you!

Well, I've played for years but never very good. I've always written, in general, but never songs really. Over the past few years I've started to put it together, when I could, with an old school tape deck. Finally, I've upgraded, got a mic and some recording software...been on a tear for a year and a half I guess. Wrote a few rap songs during the primaries that were fairly well-received (You Can't Stop the Truth?) Now I write corny acoustic ballads and the sparse hard political number like this when I get tired of the act. It's how I spend my free time. I hope to pull it all together one day with a few different albums, all distinctly different in both style and substance. Still learning a lot on the production/recording end, as well as the writing itself. Should happen by the time I'm forty something :) Thanks for asking :) Do you write?

Yours in Liberty,