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Comment: Whinge, whinge, whinge.

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Whinge, whinge, whinge.

I know, lets right off Rand because he said something that "upset" you, and lets pave the way for Hillary would-I-lie-to-you-Clinton, (don't forget, she's a two for one package with Bill-would-I-lie-to-you-Clinton, thrown in for free)
Or how about Marco Rubio. He sure doesn't look like anyone's puppet. (if you squint really, REALLY hard, cross your eyes, and then close them those puppet strings disappear).
Or how about Jeb Bush, he from the impeccable criminal back ground of the Bush Crime Family. If you ignore history, you can pretend that Granddad Prescot didn't deal with the Nazis, G H didn't turn the CIA into his own private money making mercenaries,and GW was TOTALLY honest about all the events of 9/11.
Now, what was it about Rand?...oh that's right...he upset you.