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The author updated the article, to include this:

Massachusetts Army National Guard 1st CST were at the finish line and able to quickly respond, however the 13th CST was “several blocks” from the finish line at the time of the twin terror bombings. When that unit tried to move into position to respond, the 13th was held back after law enforcement denied them access to the scene at the finish line.

In an exclusive interview on Saturday with Washington Times Communities, Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Meriwether, commander of the 22 member Rhode Island National Guard 13th CST stated that the 13st CST did a sweep earlier in the day.

We did have members up there. Two members at first, and two additional members after the fact to provide communications … The 1st CST did a sweep earlier. My two personnel plus members of the 13th CST (typographical error corrected to reflect 13th CST) tried to move toward the scene but were turned away by law enforcement.”

(Note: A source from the Massachusettes National Guard has contacted Communities to futher clarify, that in the initial confusion, the National Guard unit was not immediately recognized as they were not in a traditional uniform, however, they were quickly recognized and part of the first responders to the blast site providing essential aid and assistance.)

The 1st CST was at the finish line with their vehicles after the explosion.

View these photos of 1st CST personnel:

And compare them with photos of the men at the scene:

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