Comment: If anything Im only mad that he didnt clear this up

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If anything Im only mad that he didnt clear this up

quickly and easily.

I got what he meant when he said it, he just said it in a very stupid way that would be blown way out of proportion. It was just a simple misstatement and a simple "what i meant was this etc" would have cleared it right up. Instead he's letting proxies speak for him and rumors and railing accusations float about that muddy the waters even more. In this day and age it isn't difficult to put a simple statement out yourself. It seems every time he sticks his foot in his mouth he doubles down on it instead of just clearly explaining what he meant and diffusing the misunderstanding. It's not that hard. His true meaning is finally now getting out there thankfully but some damage has already been done. Im sure he'll recover.

Anyway, that said I still stand with Rand and Im thankful there are still many level headed people here who wait out the facts before flying off the handle or jumping to conclusions. Some here are like chickens with their heads cut off about stuff like this. It's embarrassing to see anti liberty sites use our own members quotes against us and our leaders in their articles. Have patience please.