Comment: Yes, I think we have gotten somewhere.

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Yes, I think we have gotten somewhere.

He said according to your quote: "So I don't accept that, but I certainly accept the ahh minimalist approach to government with the sole purpose of protecting liberty, property, and contract, ahh today the government interferes with our property, and interferes with our contract, and they're the counterfeiters, so we should hold them accountable, but I am not an Anarcho-Capitalist."

HE IS A MINIMALIST! What do you think the US Government was after the Constitution was in place? Why do you think he had so much support?

We have a government now that is way outside its bounds in the form of Non Governmental Agencies, Government Agencies and Regulators that are not in the Contitution or have been added afterward, like the Federal Reserve, like the IRS, like taking the State Senators away from State legislature vote to a state wide at large vote.

We HAD a MINIMALIST government...we HAVE a LEVIATHAN OCTOPUS now instead of 3 equal and separate branches there are 8 arms with millions of little suction cups…one attached to just about every person in the country. The Federal Government is not supposed to be sucking our liberty and prosperity…it is supposed to be positioned to defend our God-given inalienable rights. A minimalist government does not steal 60% of the people’s wages nor does it seek to take their personal fire arms

Ron Paul is an honest, decent man who has not changed his tune. You however, I consider to be acting like a fraud because you will not even hear Ron Paul's own words. You seem only to be interested in discrediting him. That is why I consider that perhaps you are a fraud. Why do you insist on discrediting one of the few statesmen who did not play political ball?

"He knows what they are"

Big deal.

I know what a lot of things are for which I won't even say the words they are so shameful.

I think that there are evil anarchist and tht you should be figuring out who they are instead of bad-mouthing a national hero.