Comment: I don't advocate shooting

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I don't advocate shooting

I don't advocate shooting people for lying.

The 'mainstream' clergy used to propagandize for the Kings.

The 'alternative' clergy were ones who typically agitated at least against the PTB/King and often in favor of a new order. (In the US often the new order was socialist in nature. IE the shakers, Owenites, Oneida community, etc.)

For a long time, the clergy was the media.

The founders admonition against establishment of church, or "the separation of church and state" was really an admonition against state and media. Not everyone read anything other than the bible. But almost everyone went to church.

Possibly partially because of the anti establishment sentiment as codified in the 1st Amendment, and certainly due to technological advance, the propaganda function has been mostly replaced by our modern media and academia.