Comment: Why not? If he has the energy

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Why not? If he has the energy

Why not? If he has the energy to do it, why not? In '08 I was only vaguely aware of him. After that, I watched the 'Peter Schiff was right' video. That led me to watch the Schiff 2006 mortgage brokers conference video, and then the one where Schiff gave the Henry Hazlitt memorial lecture. By watching Schiff videos, I was getting exposure to some of the same ideas Dr. Paul had. I was also reading comments on the 'net by folks who liked Peter, but also supported Ron Paul. By February 2011 Ron Paul was more solidly on my radar, and the things he said made sense to me. I used to be more of a neo-con type of guy, but have since had to re-think a lot of my beliefs. Long story short, every time Dr. Paul runs, he introduces more people to some life changing ideas. The neo-cons can't survive if everybody sees the light and gives up on their war-mongering anti-property rights kind of ideas.