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eatng plan

Edit: And keep in mind, I'm not doing the Paleo thing. I eliminated the foods that were problems for me and my diet most closely resembles that one, as far as I know.

makes perfect sense. same here, that is i'm in the process of elimanating. i definitely feel best eating mostly vegetables (cooked and raw) and fruits, and near zero junk food. i love some sockeye salmon when i can find it, so not 100% vegan. curious about beans. fuhrman includes them on his G-BOMBS as slow burning micro nutrients, but hey the guy on the radio interview you started this thread with said that some folks do better with more carbs. so, yep different strokes, but with some common ground too.

B -- Beans

Beans (and other legumes, as well) are a powerhouse of superior nutrition and the most nutrient-dense carbohydrate source. They can act as an anti-diabetes and weight-loss food because they are digested slowly, having a stabilizing effect on blood sugar, which promotes satiety and helps to prevent food cravings. Plus, they contain soluble fiber, which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.14 Beans are unique foods because of their very high levels of fiber and resistant starch, carbohydrates that are not broken down by digestive enzymes. Fiber and resistant starch not only reduce total the number of calories absorbed from beans but are also fermented by intestinal bacteria into fatty acids that can help to prevent colon cancer.15 Eating beans, peas or lentils at least twice a week has been found to decrease colon cancer risk by 50 percent.16 Legume intake can also provide protection against oral, larynx, pharynx, stomach and kidney cancers.17