Comment: So tired of the troll-generated fake outrage!

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So tired of the troll-generated fake outrage!

99% of real voters are NOT PAYING ATTENTION to 2016. The only people paying attention right now are the "inside Libertarian baseball" players (the ones who insist on making the "unattainably perfect" the enemy of the "excellent" and are okay with losing election after election), Ron Paul diehards (like myself), and PROGRESSIVES AND PAID TROLL OPERATIVES WHO WANT TO DEFEAT RAND PAUL AND DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION.

Why are there no anti-Feinstein rants or anti-Harry-Reid rants on the DP? Surely, petty tyrant gun-grabbers and economy-destroyers like them shouldn't be getting a free pass here, of all places?

Why is the single most PRO-LIBERTY voter in the U.S. Senate the target of all the invective and insults?

Because THEY'RE SCARED OF HIM, that's why.

99% of the outrage here is FAKE, bought and paid for by the George Soroses of the world.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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