Comment: He's Too Old

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He's Too Old

I know this will be voted down, but it's what I'm thinking. I seriously want a liberty candidate to vote for. I thought Rand Paul would be it, but I'm not entirely sure now.

But the thing is, I want a badass candidate not just a great person. I know this might sound bad or something, but it's just what we need. We need someone who can debate, argue and turn the progressive's arguments back around on them. I love Ron Paul, the man is a hero of mine, but let's be real - he's simply not a great politician or candidate.

I wish Rand were more libertarian because he would be perfect. :( But Ron is getting too old and his voice sounds rather shrill now. Looks and age do matter. We have a tough enough message to get through the wall, without trivial things like that slowing us down. Maybe we should work to get Peter Schiff and Judge Napolitano to consider running?