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Powerful words...

It only serves to intimidate people gathering information and to reinforce those who feel they are above any fringe theory and/or don't want to leave their comfort zones.

Wouldn't we all LOVE to be able to accept the mainstream narrative and move on with our lives?

I've been listening to the radio a bit lately and giving the internet a break. A few hours ago there was something about Newtown and that it was the "worst mass school killing in American history" which is completely false.

You HAVE TO wonder how the useful idiots are getting their information. There is obviously - OBVIOUSLY - SOME KIND OF hidden agenda on the part of GovCorp Inc... it is also quite obvious that those who work for that company have never had the American people's best interests in mind.

We should just go ahead and set up an actual government of the people and FIRE THIS CORPORATION that has done a really bad job ON PURPOSE (if you know about the Federal Reserve you can't possibly argue that the destruction of America is NOT on purpose).