Comment: Can she get out of the country?

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Can she get out of the country?

I think it is still available in Mexico, and if she can get there, she may find she saves enough money to cover the travel expense.
You just don't know how badly I feel about this. Personally, I devoted a career to healthcare, and I put my heart and soul into my job. Then I woke up. Now I am recommending people leave the country. That hurts a little.
Now my father was as much like Ron Paul as anyone I've ever known. Dad was a pharmacist, and I saw him get ANGRY one time in my life - fist slamming, rhyming cuss words :) the only snit-fit I ever saw him throw. He was a pharmacist, and he had been ordered to stop selling laetrile.
Laetrile is present in the inner kernel of apricots in fairly significant quantities (fir dietary doses.) They also contain cyanide, so you can only eat a couple a day, but I would have her do that in the meantime. I would also recommend trying the Gerson diet, but she will need the really expensive juicer. Put it "out there" and see if there is one she can get used, borrow, or get the funds raised.
Stillwater has a friggin' Wikipedia of alternative therapies as a thread - it is an incredible resource.
And do what you will this: If I ever get the disease, I will try to get the expensive juicer AND get out of the country - probably to Portugal. I want access to enough raw marijuana to juice it - you do not get high at all, and from what I understand, it cures cancer.

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